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The Wild World of Wolves
Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch
Carpathian Large Carnivore Project
Defenders of Wildlife
German Wolf Association
International Wolf Center
Loki Clan Wolf Refuge
Maine Wolf Coalition
Minnesota Wolf Alliance
Mission Wolf
National Wildlife Federation
Red Wolf Sanctuary
Red Wolves of Alligator River
Timber Wolf Information Network
Timber Wolf Preservation Society
White Wolf Sanctuary
Wolf Education and Research Center
Wolf Haven International
Wolf Hollow
Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
Wolf Park
Wolf Recovery Foundation
Wolf Sanctuary (WCSRC)
Wolf Society of Great Britain
Wolf Song of Alaska
Wolf Timbers
Wolf Watch UK
Wolves Ontario!

Gray Wolf Recovery (FWS, Region 3)
Gray Wolf Recovery Status Reports (FWS, Region 6)
Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program (FWS)
Wolf-Related Publications Database
Yellowstone Wolf Report Page (NPS)

The Behavior, Evolution & Ecology of Wolves
Best Wolf Links
For The Wolf
Monty Sloan's Wolf Photo Resource Page
Ralph Maughan's Wildlife Reports
Two Socks
The Wild World of Wolves
Wolf Information
Wolf Links
Wolf Web
World of Lady Wolf
Yellowstone Wolf Tracker
Yellowstone Wolf's Den

Discovery Online: Mexican Wolves
NOVA Online: Wild Wolves
Wolves: A Bibliography & Guide to the Literature

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