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The Wild World of Wolves
Books on Wolves
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The Company of Wolves
    by Peter Steinhart
    374 pp, reprint ed. 1996, softcover, List Price: $14.95
   From Yellowstone to North Carolina, Canada to New Mexico,   
    Steinhart takes an insightful look at the tangled interplay of wolf
    and human as Canis lupus makes a comeback in North America.

The New Wolves: The Return of the Mexican Wolf to the American West
    by Rick Bass
    184 pp, 1998, List Price:$14.95

    "A hymn to the gloriously defiant power of survival," according to
    Publisher's Weekly, this brilliant book explores the political,
    social and natural aspects of the Mexican wolf reintroduction.

Of Wolves and Men
    by Barry Lopez
    309 pp, revised ed. 1982, softcover, List Price: $18.00

    In one of the most important and enduring books on wolves, Barry  
    Lopez examines how wolves and humans have interacted through
    the centuries.

Return of the Wolf
    by Steve Grooms
    192 pp, 1999, Softcover, List Price: $16.95

     Written for the general public, this splendid overview examines all
     the fronts in the war for the wolf's return, from Yellowstone to
     Arizona to North Carolina.

The Wolf : The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species
    by L. David Mech
    384 pp, 1985, softcover, List Price: $19.95

    This classic by one of the world's foremost wolf biologists is,
    according to Thomas McNamee, the "best single source of
    information on wolf biology."
The Wolf Almanac
    by Robert H. Busch
    224 pp, revised ed. 1998, softcover, List Price: $18.95
   A highly readable compendium that includes wolf history, wolf
    ecology, wolf lore and much much more.

Wolf: Spirit of the Wild - A Celebration of Wolves in Word and Image
    Diana Landau, ed.
    192 pp, 1998, softcover, List Price: $30.00

    Visually stunning and highly informative, this coffee table book is
    a collage of stories, legends, facts, poems, paintings and photos
    of the wolf.
Wolfdogs A-Z : Behavior, Training & More (Wolf Hybrids)
    by Nicole Wilde
    268 pp, 2001, softcover, List Price: $21.95

    The most authoritative book on the subject of wolfdog behavior and
    training, by an expert with many years of first-hand experience.

Living with Wolfdogs : An Everyday Guide to a Lifetime Companionship
    by Nicole Wilde, 1998, 104 pp

Wolf: Return to Yellowstone
    by Michael Milstein, 1995, 96 pp