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The Wild World of Wolves
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WOLF WORLD contains, in the vast majority of cases, extensive excerpts rather than complete articles. Wherever possible, I provide links or addresses which will assist you in acquiring the complete material (See SOURCE listing on each page). If, for whatever reason, you are unable to acquire the complete material from its original source, you should try your local library. If all else fails, contact me at the address above.
The resources are separated into four categories. The number of resources currently available in each category are in parentheses. New resources are added regularly. Each resource includes an abstract -- a brief summary of the article/essay.

Try the site search feature below if you're looking for something in particular. The search feature is updated every two weeks.
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Please bear in mind that the copyright on all resources is retained by the original holder. The excerpts found in this website comply with the "fair use" doctrine relevant to copyrighted material, and is intended solely for educational or research purposes.
The photos/artwork on the resource pages are occasionally available in poster or print form from the artist. If this is the case, links are provided with the photo/artwork.
In more scientific articles, references to previous studies are generally excluded from the excerpt, as the bibliography is not included here. Mention of tables and figures are usually included in the text even though the tables and figures are not themselves available here, to give readers an indication of what the original source contains.