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The Wild World of Wolves
A resource for information on wolves

"The challenge of the 1990s was to restore the wolf; the challenge of the coming decade is to find an acceptable way for wolves and humans to coexist."
-- Jason Manning, Wild World of Wolves creator & co-editor
Photo by Tom Brakefield

The purpose of WOLF WORLD is simple: To provide information. There are numerous websites about wolves. But none that we know of offer access to such a wide array of articles and essays written on the subject of wolves over the past twenty-five years. Information is the key to successful wolf advocacy, and you'll find plenty of it here -- excerpts from articles on wolf history, wolf ecology, and wolf recovery both in the United States and elsewhere. Over several years I have accumulated approximately 1,000 articles from magazines, journals and newspapers. Eventually, excerpts from many of them will be available here along with, when possible, guidelines on how to acquire the complete article from its original source. (See "Resources" for details.)
My hope is that those who are serious about wolf recovery will find this site a valuable resource.

(A site search engine is available on the Resources page.)

There are currently
 resources available (plus  34 online resources, which are external links to articles available elsewhere on the worldwide web.)  New additions are continually being made.  Additions made in the past 60 days are listed below.
(To facilitate finding the new resources, the following legend will help you locate them in the Resources section: (A) Wolf Ecology & Behavior; (B) Wolf History; (C) Wolf Recovery-U.S.; (D) Wolf Recovery-Non U.S.)

"Spain's Wolf Wars," Bergman (D)
"The Wolf in Texas," Jason Manning (see Index, left)
"Reintroducing the Gray Wolf to Central Idaho and Yellowstone National Park," Bangs & Fritts (C)
"Selection of Wolf Dens in Relation to Winter Territories in Northeastern Minnesota," Ciucci & Mech (A)
"Prey Taken by Colonizing Wolves and Hunters in the Glacier National Park Area," Boyd, Reams, Fletscher & Fairchild (A)
"Alaska's War on Wolves," Ted Williams (C)
"Highland Gods, But For How Long?" Gottelli & Sillero-Zubiri (D)
"The Wolves of North America," E.A.Goldman (B)
"The Return of Il Lupo," Thomas McNamee (D)
"Famous North American Wolves and the Credibility of Early Wildlife Literature," Gipson, Ballard & Nowak (B)
"Assessing Potential Gray Wolf Restoration in the Northeastern United States," Mladenoff & Sickley (A)
"How Wild Wolves Became Domestic Dogs," Jeffrey Cohn (B)
"The Iron Creek Incident," Edward R. Ricciuti (C)
"Hyde County's Wolf War," Joel Bourne (C)
"Wolf Pack Size and Food Acquisition," Paul Schmidt & L. David Mech (A)
"The Man Who Cries Wolf," Fred H. Harrington (A)
"Wolves Across the Border," Jim Robbins (C)